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The name Zeus stands for highest standard technology. Just like the father of the gods standing above all the other gods in Greek mythology. These cables are hand-made according to your wishes and will - together with their unique interior - serve the rendering of your records in highest perfection. Close your eyes and indulge in undistorted musical enjoyment.


We're well aware, that the electronical reproduction of music will never replace a live concert, and we're not afraid of admitting that. But our products with their genuine high quality components get pretty close and that's how we add to the reproducting chain. And that's what it's about:


Voices and solo instruments get rendered with a unprecedented musicality. The stage becomes three-dimensional and single instruments become easily comprehensible. Just like a single part's polyphony in an orchestra is clearly noticeable too. Your music should sound exactly as the creator wanted.


Your music's individuality proceeds also in your cable's configuration. The possibilities in the cable's configuration are as diverse as your musical perception. That's why you can choose from different types of wood, cable covers and jacks, so it will fit your hi-fi system or furniture.


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