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The cables of our Apollon-line contain the same genes as our Zeus-line. The name Apollon, like Zeus' son, stands for innovative technology for a more moderate wallet. Bearing the same technological advantages as the Zeus-line, our Apollon-line shines out of it's competitor's range with it's pleasant clear sound. The sound enhancement when compared to off-the-shelf products is extremely audible, in our opinion. A hearing test will confirm it. When combined with equal quality devices, our cables will show their full potential.


We don't think, that one can express a sound experience with words. Listen for yourself. Music will become even more tangible and dynamic with our Apollon-technology. With our cables, we transform a seemingly 'lifeless' hi-fi system into  musical instruments, that play your records as realistic as possible. With our usage of the same special technology as used in our Zeus-line, you will purchase a future-proof product. You can even upgrade it anytime.


These cables are individually hand-made, just for you, like our Zeus-products. Choose your preferred type of wood, cable cover and your desired jack. We will manufacture your personal cable, matching your hi-fi system or furniture.


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