Many years of experience, combined with modern technology are our cables' basis

Germany's long musical tradition increased our demand regarding sound quality. Those demands reappear in our cables. Because we don't just want to make some products for a hi-fi system, but an indulgence for your ear.


We offer solutions, as our name tells you. That makes us an optimal partner for individualists and persons with high demands.


We have the opportunity to fulfil nearly all of our costumers desires!

We gave a thought!

What condition must a cable have to be there physically - one can see it after all - but to be practically not audible?

Not audible meaning, that the cable doesn't influence your device's sound or shows any resistance. That led to the development of handcrafted cables, which are among the best in the field of inductance, capacitance and eddy current losses.


From shaking hands to your new cable

We don't give short shrifts!

Personal support and happy costumers are very important to us. That's why we made it our business to attend to our costumers' wishes as much as we can.


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