Custom-made high-end cables with an audible difference.


Our testimonial

Our range's ne plus ultra.

Apollon Line

Subleme technology

Reliable cables, that will amaze you.


For any uses

Our unique technology is available for speaker, signal and power cables.

LEHR | AUDIO SOLUTIONS Tradition and innovation

Because of our musical tradition, we combine established handicraft with new and innovative ideas.


Our modern technology follows just one goal:

rendering music in it's purest form.






ZEUSour testimonial line






APOLLONthe line with many advantages






SUPPLYfor lovers of gadgets






GUIDANCEpersonal counselling



Highest quality standards

Quality you can hear, see and feel...

When it comes to our materials we go in for quality. Therefore we don't just produce the crystal clear sound, which makes our cables so unique, you can also feel the hardware's high quality when first touching our cables.


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